About Us


At SCG Design Solutions, we are dedicated to being the leading experts in the field, with an unwavering focus on delivering top-quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) and structural engineering solutions to the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms in the USA. Our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness sets us apart as the preferred choice for clients seeking unparalleled results.

Our journey began with a clear mission: to redefine the landscape of structural engineering and architectural Designing. As we have grown, we have become a dynamic and forward-thinking firm, assembling a team of professionals who share not only extensive expertise but also a profound dedication to their craft. This dedication drives our pursuit of creating structures that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

We provide Structural Engineering, Architectural and Building Information Modelling (BIM) consulting services to Architectural & Structural Engineering firms in parallel to the Developers and Contractors throughout the United States. We have diverse experience in the private sector producing work for residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Health Care, Industrial, Entertainment, Educational, and Institutional projects.

Our seasoned team of structural engineers brings years of experience to the table, specializing in designing and analyzing a wide range of structural systems. Our services include structural design and drafting for structures build using wide array of construction materials such as wood, concrete, and steel structures.

We are all about embracing the transformative potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Our goal is to assist our clients in designing and constructing better projects by leveraging the full potential of BIM. Our comprehensive BIM services promote seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, developers, and contractors, resulting in significant cost savings, expedited project delivery, and exceptional project outcomes.

We take pride in our excellent architectural and structural BIM modeling team. Having the potential of using multiple BIM tools, most common of them being the Autodesk Revit, we harness the power of smart, object-based modeling. This enables us to create meticulously scaled, computer-generated structural models of buildings, incorporating various building materials such as steel, cast-in-place concrete, pre-cast concrete, masonry, and wood. Our modeling expertise encompasses not only structural systems, including building frames and foundations, but also various structural assemblies. These are modeled to a consistent scale and seamlessly integrated with architectural and MEP models, promoting collaboration among design professionals.

Our dynamic and diverse teams leverage their extensive experience and collaborative spirit to revolutionize the AEC industry. We pride ourselves on being software-agnostic, empowering our experts to utilize cutting-edge BIM software solutions. Our professionals are proficient in a wide range of software tools, including Autodesk Revit Structural, Autodesk Revit Architectural AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Google SketchUp, Bluebeam, as well as structural engineering design software such as RISA, ETABS, SAFE, Enercalc, Visual Basics, RAM, and other innovative design software platforms.